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  • The samples were great to really get an idea of the colors before finalizing my color scheme. Colors and sleeving are better than paracord and MPXC samples I ordered from other too!

  • The connectors were easy to work with. I had to remove a few terminals, which I did by gently lifting the plastic lock tabs on the connector body. One must not lift the tabs too much, otherwise they will break.

  • excelente material, colores brillantes, excelente pruducto!!!!

  • Pretty good for cutting Paracord, and Soft metals

  • I did this to get an idea of the colors in person and to inspect the product. Love the colors and the product is top notch!!!!

  • This is a amazing product great shade of blue looks awesome with white easy to work with and very affordable way to class up your PC

  • This is a amazing product great shade of blue looks awesome with white easy to work with and very affordable way to class up your PC

  • Great thing to get to make your computer look that bit nicer. so good im getting a second set

  • Purchased a mix of these in style and color to make reference on a build I'm planning and paired these with the Teleios Sleeve sample pack to get everything just right.

  • Good way to pick color schemes for a build and have reference for future builds. Also would like if they came labeled.

  • Polished finish, hugs my Teleios sleeved 16AWG wire without issue. I didn't have any snagging issues that others had, but maybe I was just lucky. My cable management is still a work in progress, but I've attached a pic of the combs in use.

  • Great coverage, shiny and melts well for shrinkless sleeving. I used the black and navy blue for a subtle sleeve job; couldn't be happier!

  • Easy to use and error-free; this stripper does its job without hassle, partial strips or nicked wire. I used this on MFC custom 16AWG wire without any problems. My only complaint is that you can't adjust the wire stop close enough (4mm) for the minifit (PCI-E) pins, so you have...

  • I've crimped thousands of wires in my military career, but only a handful of molex (minifit) pins. I was never happy with the outcome, until I used this crimper. After studying Lutro0's videos, my first through last crimp was perfect! Each time the crimper provided flawless double-crimps that looked beautiful...

  • High quality 16 gauge wire; will exceed OEM wiring in all respects! Stranded, tinned, with thin wall insulation (appears to be irradiated PVC). This means it will cut clean, sleeves well, and handles soldering heat without creeping back or melting. It also will handle higher current than 18AWG wire with...

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