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  • works and looks great.

  • I'm really glad I found these they are great

  • these fit and work pretty well

  • They were all thoroughly painted and no scratches or dents or any defects. I'm just worried that the paint comes off with use

  • I really like this sleeve. It allows me to not just cover up the cables but also organize them as well. It is a great product.

  • Its great for doing things with. And its only .32!

  • These angled fittings are a pleasure to work with. They turn easily(similar to the twisting sensation on a semi decent pair of binoculars) to your desired angled/direction. I've been running my system 24/7 for the last three months and no leaks have popped up (I clean the PC every other...

  • Overall this is a great EK pump combo. It's minimal, looks sharp, and has an excellent build quality. The pump has been running 24/7 for the last three months and I have not had any issues with the pump(no leaks).The sleeved cables are nicely done and keeps the pump combo...

  • Product is great quality and looks exactly as shown in the picture. Well worth the purchase.

  • Excellent build quality and a perfect fit. Thanks!

  • Great combs that wont break. They hold the wires nice and tight, and have a nice brushed aluminum finish. I had no problems sleeving my wires through these combs.

  • Great combs that wont break on you and have a nice brushed aluminum finish. The holes are perfectly sized so there is no loose or sloppy fit.

  • Honestly I am very happy with this pipeline. Meets all my expectations and at the time of crushing has a very professional finish. Good job Mainframe Customs!

  • The price was a bit high but the quality was superb. Definitly worth the money spent! After two test crimps I had it down and all crimps afterwards came out 100% perfect.

  • I purchased 4 cable all the way through 24 cable combs and broke almost all of them. On top of how fragile they are, they also hold the cables apart from each other instead of up close and tight creating a gap between all cables.

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