About Us

MAINFrame Customs all started in 2010 with a guy by the name of Dave Miller, who decided to turn his passion for PC modding into a full-time business. What started out as making custom cables and selling cable sleeving supplies out of his home, grew rapidly, with much success due to the patronage of the loyal pc modding community, into what MAINFrame is today.

MAINFrame is now recognized as one of the leading providers of custom cables in the world. Our attention to detail and quality sets us apart in the industry. Our cables are hand-made, in-house, in our 6,000 square foot shop in California. We have provided cables to some of the most well-known names in the pc industry including: AMD, Intel, and NVIDIA, to name a few. And our cables can be found in the pcs of some of the most well-known streamers.

When Dave started MAINFrame, providing excellent customer service and high-quality products were the cornerstone of the business. Years later that hasn’t changed, and here at MAINFrame, we don’t plan on that changing anytime soon.

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