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Never have to use a paperclip again! Introducing MAINFrame Customs PSU Jumper Caps!

Easily and conveniently test your power supply unit without ever having to hook up all your cables to your system. Just plug the male PSU Jumper cap into your female 24pin main motherboard power cable from your power supply unit to start your power supply. The jumper cap will do all the work for you. Test fans, fan controllers, and even use it to short your PSU to turn on your pump to cycle liquid through your water cooling setup when you are filling your loop.

It works by shorting the green 16th pin to a ground or black 18th pin. The green 16th pin is the PS_On, and when shorted with a ground will turn the power supply on.

Our PSU Jumper Caps are hand made using our Teleios sleeve, LC Custom 16AWG wire for a superior electrical connection, Molex brand male ATX terminals, and our 24pin male connectors. They also come in a variety of different colors.

Every Jumper cap is tested on our own power supply to ensure optimal quality before being sent out.

Our PSU Jumper Caps should work on all ATX12v 2 version power supplies that use a 24pin main power connector. It is always a good idea to put some load on the power supply when testing even if its just a couple of fans. Some power supplies will not turn on without some load put onto them. Always have your power supply in the off position when connecting our Jumper cap to your PSU main power cable. Note: We are not responsible for any damage to your power supply or other components because of misuse.

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