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Unbreakable high end CNC milled aluminium cable combs. These cable combs are built on a CNC mill from a solid block of aluminium. Then they are anodized giving the hardest and most durable finish available, then chamfered for aesthetics. You will not find a more reliable high end cable comb on the market. You will be able to continue to use these for many builds to come.
These cable combs have 4mm holes which means they are designed for Teleios 4mm cable sleeve, and MDPC-X 15AWG Wire and MDPC-X normal Sleeve or XTC Sleeve. They can also be used with MDPC-X Sleeve in combination with any wire type or gauge. They will also work with almost any other sleeve brand on the market.

Specifications: Billet CNC Milled Anodized Alloy Cable Comb for 4mm custom cables.
Compatibility: Designed particularly for any MDPC-X Sleeve with 15-18AWG wire, compatible with Teleios sleeve many other brands also. 
Included items: x1 4pin cable comb.



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