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Brush-On Superglue is a key component to some forms of sleeving.

Super glue is used to glue the sleeve to the wire, and the heatshrink to the sleeve in many different circumstances. What this does is reinforce your cables allow for tighter bends in certain circumstances. For example – we personally use it for I/O Headers and Fans when we heatshrink over the fan header as the heatshrink likes to come off. We also like to use a small amount when we am using heatshrink style with paracord as it allows us to use less heatshrink then would originally be needed for a secure hold.

In the end brush-on superglue is not a must for all sleeving but for those that like to make sure their cables are durable or if you are sleeving them for someone else – its a nice piece of mind knowing they will hold well.

*May come in a Purple container that goes on Purple, but dries clear.

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