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MAINFrame Customs Ratchet Crimper

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(38 customer reviews )

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MAINFrame Customs Ratchet Crimper

This is our own custom ratchet crimper well known throughout the sleeving community as the best crimper, especially for the price!

What makes our ratchet crimper better than the others?
We take each crimper and have it precisely milled so that it can also crimp our custom 16AWG wire as well as the typical 18AWG wire! This allows greater flexibility with the way you want your cables to be made. The front teeth are also milled to crimp Fan and DuPont terminals.

Many crimpers that are termed to crimp the typical Male, and Female ATX terminals crush, or fold the ATX wings resulting in bad crimps that pull out or even break. We have spent hours fine tuning our crimper so that does not happen. Achieve perfect heart shaped crimps that bite into the insulation resulting in strong crimps that last.

This tool is made for longevity, and we have a crimper that has crimped over 75,000+ crimps and still performs perfect crimps as if it were new!

Ratchet crimper with gold plated female atx terminals

Don’t settle for more expensive crimpers when you don’t need to.

Still skeptical?
Simply read the many reviews by other sleevers just like you.

Customer reviews

Rated 4.7105263157895 out of 5 stars
38 reviews

38 reviews for MAINFrame Customs Ratchet Crimper

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