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6+2pin PCI-E Female Connector – White


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Molded from high-quality PA66 material for its hardness, abrasion resistance, and thermal dimensional stability.

RoHS Certified
REACH Certified


3571 in stock

This is the 6+2pin PCI-E Female connector in White. This is the 6+2 Female PCI-E Connector everyone is looking for. The reason this one is so important is that unlike many of the 6+2 connectors out there this one has a slide and latch mechanism so that once its sleeved the extra 2 pins will latch into place without moving. I have made it a point to search for quality connectors with no “wing” clips to provide you with the best connectors for the lowest price. They may have some scratches and such, but most connectors do or will by the time you get them into your system. Feel confident that you are purchasing a quality connector for a great price.


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