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Gold Plated Female ATX Terminal (18AWG/16AWG) – (5 Count)


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The best Female ATX Gold plated terminals on the market.

  • Finest 99.99% pure Gold plating
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Used with 18AWG or 16AWG wire
  • Long Wings
  • 5 Count


151 in stock

Introducing the finest quality fully Gold plated Female ATX terminals around featuring long wings to provide an incredibly strong crimp. Our terminals are plated in the purest Gold plating available (99.99% to be exact) creating a corrosion-resistant surface. There is nothing worse for an electrical contact to be corroded or rusted. This greatly impacts the electrical connection. Gold plating eradicates this issue making these terminals last a long time. Because of the terminals long wings, this terminal can be used for either 18AWG or 16AWG wire.

The long wings bite into the insulation of the wire creating strong crimps that hold. They work perfectly with our Ratchet Crimper that is milled to also crimp these terminals to our custom 16AWG wire! Our terminals can also be used with other ratchet crimpers on the market.


Use these terminals with any ATX, EPS, PCI-E, or AUX Female connector.


Weight .0008 lbs
Dimensions 2.50 × 1.00 × .25 in

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