Pre Cut/Stripped Extension Wires – Bottom (25 Pack)



Now get that perfect arc in your extensions with this pre cut/stripped wire set!

One of the most crucial, and grueling steps in making your own extensions is getting all the wire cut to the same lengths to prevent unevenness in your extensions. Our wire cutting machine eliminates user error by precisely cutting, and stripping the wire to your desired length. Save time, and frustration with this kit. We use the same 16AWG wire for our own custom extensions.

Each end of the wire is also conveniently pre stripped to the perfect 3mm length for crimping.

Simply choose which color 16AWG you need, and choose a length. For the top set, please see here: http://mainframecustom.com/shop/cable-sleeving/pre-cutstripped-extension-wires-top-25-pack/ and choose the length that you selected here for the matching set.

Note: This is a custom item. Please allow a few business days for your order to process.

*This set includes 25 pre cut/stripped wires for the bottom half of your extension cables only. Please see Pre Cut/Stripped Extension Wires – Top (25 Pack) for the other half. These sets together (Top, Bottom) create the nice arc. However, if you would prefer flat extension cables consider purchasing just the Top set.

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