Yuel Beast Motif Monument MAINFrame Edition – MAINFrame Blue


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  • Premium candy over chrome powder coated finish
  • 20% Discount code included for a set of full-length custom cables for this chassis!


Out of stock

Introducing the Yuel Beast Motif Monument chassis specialized by MAINFrame Customs in unique powder-coated finishes!

The Motif Monument is an open PC chassis design for Mini-ITX motherboards. The purpose of this design is to present small form factor components in a simple and elegant configuration. The finished build is meant to function as a showpiece computer without sacrificing performance potential.

The case consists of just 3 pieces of 3/16” steel that are painstakingly cut, bent, welded, and finished to the highest possible manufacturing standards. The unique shape and small size present many fabrication constraints that do not allow for error in the production process.

Please see the user guide for more detailed information and assembly instructions.

This case is a project kit designed for an advanced PC builder who has experience and familiarity with the potential challenges of custom PC building. Potential compatibility limitations may include but are not limited to, choice of CPU cooler, cooler orientation, RAM height, GPU length and slot width (2 slot preferred). The chassis is designed to specifically accommodate M.2 SSDs, as opposed to other storage formats. An SFX PSU and custom PSU cables are required to utilize this case successfully.

Included Parts and Hardware:

1. Chassis
2. Backplate
3. Motherboard standoffs (4)
4. Backplate standoffs (4)
Male-female threaded hex standoff, zinc-plated steel 1/4” hex
width, 3/4” long, 6-32 to 6-32 thread
5. Backplate fasteners (4)
6. PSU fasteners (4)
7. GPU mounting fastener (1)
Black-oxide alloy steel socket head screw, 7/64 head, 6-32
thread, 3/8” long
8. Hex wrench for fasteners
9. 16mm power button
10. Power button wire with ferrule ends
11. Power button o-ring
12. Adhesive-back rubber feet (4)


Recommended Components

The Motif Monument is designed to be compatible with Mini-ITX motherboards.
We recommend using a board with two M.2 ports as there is little room for
a 2.5” SSD. It is possible to install a 2.5” SSD behind the motherboard or
backplate, but it is not recommended.

CPU Cooler
The chassis was designed with moderately sized air coolers in mind. The bequiet!
Dark Rock TF or similar provide excellent cooling in an appropriately sized form
factor. There is no aesthetically pleasing configuration for closed loop CPU
coolers or custom water cooling.

As this design is best suited for air coolers, use a relatively low profile RAM that
will fit underneath your CPU cooler. We had success with Corsair Vengeance

While any 2 slot GPUs can be mounted, it is highly recommended to use a small
form factor GPU. The chassis is approximately 7” wide, using a significantly
longer GPU may look unbalanced. Three slot GPUs are not guaranteed to fit
well, especially if you intend on running the GPU power cable underneath it.

The mounting holes on the PSU flange are compatible with SFX PSUs. Only use
fully modular PSUs as custom cables are required to make a clean build on this

Power Cables
This case was designed to use custom sleeved PSU cables. In our production
prototypes, we successfully used 60cm PSU cables, though it is highly
recommended that you take careful measurements with your own components
installed on the case. The backplate has plenty of room for cable management
clips to properly arrange the runs in an organized way. Feel free to cut, crimp,
and sleeve your own cables or buy professionally made cables and accessories
from Mainframe Customs.

Power Button Mounting Hole
The Motif Monument does ship with an included button. There are a pair of
through-holes on the bottom right of the backplate that are specifically designed
for a 16mm momentary switch.

Weight 13 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 12 × 10 in

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