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Mayhems XT-1 Nuke Concentrate 100ml – UV Purple


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Mayhems XT-1 Nuke is a new formulation of Non Toxic Ethylene Glycol that can be used in pressurised environments up to 390°C and down to –50 °C / -58 °F. The formulation will last over twice as long as our existing XT1 and has much more resilient biocides and inhibitors. This makes it more suitable to small form factor PC’s, all in one cooling solutions and high heat load systems utilising multiple graphic card array setups.

Mayhems XT-1 Nuke is perfect for use in Co2 lasers, chillers and solar environmental systems due to its improved heat transfer characteristics including lower dynamic viscosity and higher thermal conductivity.

Mayhems XT-1 Nuke contains a new form of synergistic corrosion inhibitors to protect metals commonly found in systems e.g. aluminium, copper, brass, steel, plated water cooling blocks.

Mayhems XT-1 Nuke has been independently tested and found to meet BS6580 and ASTM D1384 corrosion standards.

XT1- Nuke is a culmination of 2 years research and development from Mayhems looking into what customer’s, re sellers and OEM need from a long lasting reliable coolant.

The new “Non Toxic” high end Ethylene Glycol coolant containing a patented DeTox™.

100ml of Mayhems XT-1 Nuke will make 1000ml of coolant (1/10 mix ratio).

• 7 Year Shelf Life
• 5 Year System Life
• Non Toxic Ethylene Glycol (Patented Mix)
• Pet and Human Safe
• Stable long lasting Dyes made in house
• UV Active
• Biocide + (new formula for extreme cooling)
• Corrosion + Protection
• Protects all metals used in current cooling systems

Mixing ratios 

Frost Protection °C / °F – *% in the system

Frost Protection °C / °F – *% in the system

– 05°C / 23°F – 10%*

– 10°C / 14°F – 22%

– 15°C / 05°F – 28%

– 20°C / -4°F – 33%

– 25°C / -13°F – 38%

– 30°C / -22°F – 42%

– 35°C / -31°F – 46%

– 40°C / -40°F – 54%

– 45°C / -49°F – 57%

– 50°C / -58°F – 60%

* This is the bare minimum mix ratio for Mayhems XT-1 Nuke to work effectively.

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