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Protium is all of the components you need to create a D5 or DDC pump and reservoir combination. We set out to create the most minimilistic and compact pump and reservoir combination, but at the same time with the most options and compatibility. Each component is carved from a solid piece of material on a CNC Mill or Lathe. Creating our different finishes, frosted and polished acrylic is difficult which is why you don’t often see it. Protium is designed for people who want the freedom to create anything without restriction.

Protium Components:
The Protium D5 pump and reservoir combination has three parts, Reservoir, Pump Top and Pump Cover. The pump top can be used on its own. Protium reservoirs attach directly to the pump top via a thread. Pumps attach directly to the pump top via the stock retention ring or a Protium Pump Cover. The Protium pump cover creates a far more streamlined configuration and greatly improves the aesthetics.

Created on a CNC Lathe.
Just three components to create a full pump and reservoir combination.
Three color options: Black, Silver, Black with Silver Rings.
Anodized for the most durable and high end finish.
Machining after anodizing on the Black with Silver rings version.
Three piece design allows for easy installation and removal of the pump.
Cable pass-through’s are designed so that you do not have to remove the connectors.


D5 Pump Top & Cover:
Top & Cover: H90mm x W76mm x L76mm.
Pump Top: H33mm x W76mm x L76mm.
Pump Cover: H57mm x W75mm x L75mm.

D5 Pump & Reservoir Combinations:
Small: 230mm.
Medium: 330mm.
Large: 380mm.
Extra Large: 430mm.

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