Points & Rewards

Introducing points and rewards! A new way to earn discounts simply by shopping like you normally do! Earn points on most purchases which you can then use to redeem at checkout for discounts. You can choose to save the points for larger discounts or use them at any time.

  • For each $5 spent receive 1 point.
  • 10 points = $1.00 discount

Receive bonus points for things like leaving product reviews or for registering on the site!

  • 2 product reviews = 10 bonus points
  • 5 product reviews = 30 bonus points

Register and receive 5 points!

In order to receive points on your order you must be registered!

Our points and reward system is an additional way to earn a discount when there may be no sales active. Combined with our Free Shipping option (Domestic Orders of $99.99+), this becomes a powerful tool to save money!

Happy shopping 🙂


*Points and rewards is a system that we created to give customers other means of discounts. This system can be removed at any given time and points will not be credited. We please ask that you do not abusive the system (leaving false reviews etc). Users can be banned or points can be deducted.